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Green Ribbon Schools awards ceremony featured showcases

Morris Elementary Showcase

Morris Elementary, Rooms (A-3, A-7, B-2, B-3)
Explore Morris Elementary School’s campus and participate in various teacher led and student guided tours: (1) Wellness Warriors, (2) STEM & Dual Language Immersion, (3) The Environmental Literacy Journey, (4) The Road to Success with PBIS, (5) The California Environmental Principles & Concepts and discover how environmental literacy has motivated and inspired ALL students.

Working with STEM CARES : Green Stakeholder Voice Showcase

Morris Elementary, Room MPR
Discuss how the STEM CARES environmental literacy initiative has impacted instruction, innovation and community engagement from the perspective of K-12 teachers, community members, students and parents. (This showcase includes teachers from K, 5th, Integrated 7th, and High School Integrated Science classes) Share ideas about how to get more of the community engaged in learning experiences in and outside of the classroom that makes learning more relevant for all students.

STEM CARES: Working Across Departments Showcase

Morris Elementary, Room B-1
Rethink playground space to bring outdoor learning labs and new community spaces to every campus. Gardens and groves provide unique opportunities to bridge business services with education services. Hear about this from the perspective of elementary principals, classroom teachers, business and nutrition services representatives.

Rialto High School Wellness Center Showcase

Rialto High School, Wellness Center
Explore how physically changing the school environment can contribute to overall student wellness and Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS).

Milor Farms & CNG Station Showcase

Milor High School, Milor Garden
Dr. John H. Milor High School, the only alternative high school servicing credit deficient students from all comprehensive high schools, has created an atmosphere where students access cutting edge technologies, along 12,508 square feet of Farm & Gardens, and a Wellness Center that will meet their social, emotional needs while enhancing opportunities to become environmental stewards of the land. On the way visit Clean Air- Rialto’s Entrepreneurship: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Station discuss how our new buses contribute to improving the health of the community.

*Ask a STEM CARES Partner
Lunchtime Conversation 12-1 

Ask a STEM CARES partner how they feel partnership is crucial in making environmental education more engaging for all learners.

Cultivating Active Responsible Environmental Stewards
Regional Partners
Regional Partners
Curiosity Quest Problem Solvers

Watch as students design a community garden that maximizes yield for the Rialto seniors.

Young Voices for the Planet
young voices and the planet
Working Together: Science Bridges Schools and Community