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Information on Potential Power Outages


Current Schools Being Affected: Kordyak Elementary School - Currently in Operation (via generators)


General Information:

Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) are an operational practice in which Southern California Edison shuts off power as a preventative measure in high wind/fire risk areas.  The rate of occurrence is dependent on weather and environmental factors, and the decision to "shutoff" will be made using SCE's most up-to-date situational awareness data (forecasting) and precise assessments are based on a 7 day observation of "predictive modeling."  Below are a few key points to note during a potential PSPS event:

PSPS event with potential weather condition risk (gives time for forecasting)

  • 3-7 Days Ahead (no official notice during this time)
    • SCE monitors wind/fire weather watch alerts from the National Weather Service (NWS) and refines predictive models
  • 2 Days Ahead
    • Extreme wind/fire weather conditions forecasted (NWS' Red Flag Warning Issued)
    • ​SCE initiates first notification to Rialto USD of potential shutoff
      • School sites affected will be notified (SCE official notice)
    • Around the clock communication established with SCE/Rialto USD
  • ​1 Day Ahead
    • Extreme wind/fire weather conditions imminent; SCE continues modeling and forecast
    •  Continued communication with SCE for "shutoff status"
    • School sites affected are updated with SCE's "official notice"
  • Day of Power Shutoff
    • Extreme weather conditions for wind/fire risk present and dangerous conditions validated by SCE field resources
    • Rialto USD officially notified of "shutoff status" within 1-4 hours of power shutoff
    • District Emergency Action Plan(s) engaged
    • School sites affected are notified of official "shutoff status"
  • Power Restored
    • Extreme wind/fire weather subside to safe levels and conditions validated by SCE field resources
      • SCE inspections and patrols begin
    • Power is restored to affected community and official "power restored" notification sent to Rialto USD
    • School sites affected are notified 

PSPS event with immediate extreme/severe weather conditions present

  • May immediately escalate PSPS status to "shutoff" 
  • SCE will notify Rialto USD with official notice of "shutoff" with sites affected
    • As soon as 1-4 hours of power shutoff
  • School sites affected are notified
  • District Emergency Action Plan(s) engaged