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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

**Schools will be closed through Friday, May 1, 2020 **


What You Need to Know

In light of recent national news regarding Covid-19 (Coronavirus), we have compiled a list of resources and updates from official government agencies. We have also included an update on the steps that staff is taking within RUSD to prevent this spread of Coronavirus.

It is important to understand that misinformation, rumors and panic does nothing to better the situation. We want to make sure that we are proactive, preventive and using the precautions that are aligned to the philosophy of keeping students and staff safe and informed. Please utilize the resources on this page for information from the RUSD, San Bernardino Department of Public Health and California Department of Public Health on the Coronavirus.

district Information & faqs

In an effort to provide students with enrichment opportunities during this closure, the District has developed optional educational enrichment activities and resources for all students. As partners in your child’s education, we know that parents are the first and continuing educators of their children. While these learning opportunities are not required, they are very important to develop student educational growth and are highly recommended in order to keep students educationally engaged. These activities will not be collected or graded.

Student learning opportunities during school closure are as follows:

  • Starting on March 23, 2020, the District will provide a teacher recommended list of optional, free online student resources. Parents and students are highly encouraged to access these learning resources from this page: Online Resources & Enrichment Activities
  • Starting on March 30, 2020, teacher-created, grade-level appropriate enrichment activities in Math, English Language Arts, History/Social Sciences, and Science will be available online on this web page. If needed, paper copies of the enrichment activities can be picked up at all school sites offices on Monday, March 30, 2020 between the hours of 10:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Paper copies will also be available Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at the Chavez/Huerta Center at 324 N. Palm Ave. 


Distance Learning Plan


Thank you for your patience and trust during these challenging times. We will continue to provide ongoing communication through the Blackboard automated phone calls, text messages, and the district website. 

En un esfuerzo por proveer a los estudiantes oportunidades de enriquecimiento durante este cierre, el Distrito ha desarrollado actividades y recursos de enriquecimiento educativo opcionales para todos los estudiantes. Como socios en la educación de sus hijos, sabemos que los padres son los primeros y continuos educadores de sus hijos. Si bien estas oportunidades de aprendizaje no son obligatorias, son muy importantes para desarrollar el crecimiento educativo de los estudiantes y altamente recomendadas para mantener a los estudiantes interesados en la educación. Estas actividades no se colectarán ni se calificarán.

Las oportunidades de aprendizaje para estudiantes durante el cierre de la escuela son las siguientes:

  • A partir del 23 de marzo del 2020, el Distrito proporcionará una lista recomendada por maestros de recursos estudiantiles en línea gratuitos y opcionales. Se recomienda altamente a los padres y estudiantes que acudan a estos recursos de aprendizaje desde esta página: Online Resources & Enrichment Activities
  • A partir del 30 de marzo del 2020, las actividades creadas por los maestros y de enriquecimiento apropiadas para el nivel de grado en matemáticas, artes del lenguaje inglés, historia/ciencias sociales y ciencias estarán disponibles en línea en esta página web. Si es necesario, copias en papel de las actividades de enriquecimiento pueden recogerse en las oficinas de todas las escuelas el lunes 30 de marzo del 2020 entre las 10:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Copias en papel también estarán disponibles martes y miércoles entre las 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. en el Centro Chavez/Huerta 324 N. Palm Ave.


Plan de Aprendizaje a Distancia

  • Comenzando el 13 de abril del 2020 nuestro plan es proveer Aprendizaje a Distancia para que los estudiantes puedan conectarse con sus maestros en línea. El viernes 27 de marzo del 2020 se le proveerá más información sobre el Plan de Aprendizaje a Distancia para su hijo(a). Para que podamos establecer su acceso en línea y su necesidad de un dispositivo para su familia/hogar, por favor haga clic aquí para completar la siguiente Encuesta de Tecnología para Familias.


Gracias por su paciencia y confianza durante estos tiempos difíciles. Seguiremos proporcionando comunicación de continuo mediante llamadas telefónicas automatizadas por medio de Blackboard, mensajes de texto y el sitio web del distrito.

Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020, The District will provide meals (breakfast and lunch) to students via "Grab & Go" bags during school closures. The meals can be picked up at any of the designated sites below. 

Pick Up Days: Monday-Friday

Pick up times: 8:30 – 10:30 a.m.

Pick up locations:

● Bemis ES – 774 E. Etiwanda Avenue, Rialto, CA 92376
● Simpson ES – 1050 S. Lilac Avenue, Rialto, CA 92376
● Frisbie MS – 1442 N. Eucalyptus Avenue, Rialto, CA 92376
● Kolb MS – 2351N. Spruce Avenue, Rialto, CA 92376
● Kucera MS 2140 W. Buena Vista Drive, Rialto, CA 92377
● Rialto MS 1262 W. Rialto Avenue, Rialto, CA 92376
● Eisenhower HS – 1321 N. Lilac Avenue, Rialto, CA 92376
● Rialto HS – 595 S. Eucalyptus Avenue, Rialto, CA 92376
● Chavez/Huerta Center for Education – 324 N. Palm Ave., Avenue, Rialto, CA 92376




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my child have to be present to receive a meal?
A: Yes.

Q: Do parents/guardians have to be present when meals are handed out?
A:  No. 

Q: Do I have to pick up the meals from my child’s school only?
A: No, a drive through meal service will be provided for all children 2-18 years of age (students with specialized services through age 22) at the eight school sites listed above.

Q: My child requires a special meal accommodation, how do I make sure that my child receives the appropriate meals?
A: For students that have an existing medical statement on file, parents/guardians will have to contact Nutrition Services department at (909) 820-7761, ext. 100 to make arrangements as to which school site they can pick up their child’s special meal.

Q: Must my child be a student of Rialto Unified School District to receive meals? 
A: No, any child between the ages of 2-18 (students with specialized services through age 22) will receive meals. He/she needs to be present to pick up the meals.   

The departments listed below have been deemed to be essential to the District’s operation. If your position is listed below, you may need to report during the school closure period.  You will be contacted by your service area lead or designee in the next (2) two days to inform you IF you need to report to work on Monday, March 23, 2020.  

If you are not contacted, please be mindful that all staff are on paid leave and must be available to report within (1) one hour if necessary. Be sure to frequently check your district email and be available by phone.

Employees not required to report to work should not be on any District property unless authorized to report to work for official business. 

Certificated & Classified Managers

School Sites:
ASB Bookkeepers
Clerk Typist
Categorical Project Clerk
Education Services
Administrative Secretary
Interpreter Translator
Student Services
Secretary III

Safety Services
Safety Specialist
Safety Intervention Officers I, II, III
Emergency Operations Specialist
Safety Intervention & Community Engagement Specialist


Information and Technology
Wide Area Network Specialist
Technology Support Specialist
Technology Support Technician III
Helpdesk Technician
Database Analysts
Special Services
Secretary III
Communications & Media Services 
Communications Web Technician
Multi-Media Clerk
Business Services
Administrative Secretary II
Fiscal Services
Payroll Technicians
Accounts Payable Technicians
Fiscal Analyst
Attendance Accounting Tech
Risk Management
Risk Technicians – ALL
Secretary III

Maintenance & Operations
Cleaning Crew
HVAC Technicians
Grounds Workers
Accounting Technician
Telecommunications Tech.

Nutrition Services
Accounts Clerk II
Delivery Drivers
Nutrition Service Workers I, II, III
Statistical Technician
Lead N.S. Delivery Warehouse Driver
Production Expediter 
Maintenance Technician 

Facilities Planning
Facilities Planning Accounting Tech
Facilities Planning Tech

Purchasing Services 
Reprographic Services Technicians
Printing Services
Purchasing Assistance
Warehouse Delivery Workers
Mail Services 

Transportation  & Garage
Bus Drivers
Transportation Support Technician
Trans/Garage Support Technician
Personnel Services
Administrative Secretaries I & II
Personnel Specialist
Personnel Technicians


Frequently Asked Questions

for employees reporting to work site

Q: If my child’s school is closed, what options do I have for staying home to provide childcare?
A: Although we understand that school closures may provide a challenge for childcare for employees and their families, at this time we have the following options:

  1. Request a flexible work schedule, if applicable. 
  2. Request a change to the work assignment rotation.
  3. Request District provided child care if your child is of school age. 

Q: If I am feeling sick, have COVID-19 symptoms, have been asked to self-quarantine or I am part of a high risk population who does not feel comfortable coming to work?
A: Please stay at home if you are feeling sick or have any symptoms associated with the COVID-19. Please contact Personnel Services for instructions. 

Q:What measures are being taken to ensure that it is safe to report to my work site, each day?
A: Be assured that the following measures are taking place:

  1. All facilities will be sanitized and disinfected (e.g. restrooms, door handles, light switches, and high-traffic areas such as lounges, etc.).
  2. All Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems will be maintained, including changing of filters.
  3. We are encouraging everyone to practice “Social Distancing” (6 feet apart), frequent hand-washing and respiratory etiquette (please see chart on right).
  4. Gatherings will be limited to 50 people or less.    

Q: Why do I need to report to work?
A: The District has determined that the duties you perform are essential to the operations of the District during the closure. Employees can be required to perform assigned work during an emergency as disaster service workers under Government Code 3100. 

Q: How will I know of any changes?
A: You should continue to check your District email and website, frequently. Most announcements will be made through e-mail or website.

Q: May I work from home?

A: No. Working from home poses liability and cyber-security issues. Please contact Risk Management or Personnel Services for further clarification. 

The health & safety of the Rialto Community is our number one priority. The District is taking all necessary actions to combat the threat of COVID-19. This includes the closure of schools and comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting efforts. We will continue to work with local, state and federal agencies during this health crisis. 

Health & Safety:

  1. All classrooms will be deep cleaned. Also, all facilities will be cleaned and disinfected during the closure. (e.g. restrooms, door handles, light switches, and high-traffic areas such as lounges, etc.)
  2. All facilities that will be in use during the closure will be cleaned and disinfected daily. 
  3. All Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems will be maintained, including changing of filters.
  4. We are encouraging everyone to practice “Social Distancing” (6 feet apart), frequent hand-washing and respiratory etiquette (please see chart on right).
  5. Gatherings will be limited to 50 people or less. 

Essential Operations during School Closures:

Services not available during closure

  • All District facilities will be closed, except for those required for essential operations. Please contact Communication/Media Services at (909) 820-7700 ext. 2126 or 2127, for questions or concerns. 
  • The use of all facilities, including events and activities by groups, organizations and agencies (PTA/PTO, youth sports, City of Rialto, faith-based groups, etc.) are suspended until further notice. 
  • All students should not be on school campuses or District facilities during the closure. 

Action Plans & district communications