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Contact Teresa Brown  Teresa Brown Agent: Induction and Teacher Support Services
Contact Raul Contreras  Raul Contreras Induction Mentor
Contact Charmaine Hughey-Bailey  Charmaine Hughey-Bailey Induction Mentor
Contact Myrna Overstreet-Spear  Myrna Overstreet-Spear (909) 879-6002 ex: 2906 Induction Mentor
Contact Wanda Paluba  Wanda Paluba Induction Mentor


Rialto USD induction program

Induction Program
Rialto Unified School District
Vision Statement

The vision of the Rialto Unified School District Induction program is to create and retain reflective practitioners who are committed to Deming’s Continuous Improvement Model of developing their craft, working for the success of ALL students, seeking to be life-long learners, and in turn becoming highly effective teachers. This vision is fundamental to providing each induction teacher with mentoring and support during the induction process, to maximize growth as measured by the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP), meet the Induction Standards, and obtain a California Clear Credential.

Why Induction?