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Synergy  System 18 Update Features (updated January, 2018)
What Internet Browser do I use?   AdminVue
How do I turn off the pop-up blocker?   How do I know if I have a pop-up blocker on?
Are there keyboard shortcuts for Synergy?   How do I print?
Adding or Changing Staff in SECTIONS?   Why don't my address labels line up or print properly?


Especially for Teachers

TeacherVUE on IPad
System 18 has updated TeacherVue on mobile devices. The seating charts created from the Web version are now displaying properly on mobile devices. Adding new assignments and entering scores are now saving correctly.
  Elementary School Report Card Screen Updated
Update 18 TeacherVue: Unable to view past grading periods?   Unable to view student's grade by clicking on their photo? This is being fixed in Synergy System 18.1 update this summer. Click on the student's link to view their grade.
 TeacherVUE System 18 Grade Book   How do I enter IPR grades in Synergy?
How do I access Synergy from home?   How do I know if I have a pop-up blocker on?
How do I turn off the pop-up blocker?   How do I print from home?
How do I add more columns or rows to my seating chart?.     Students who are in the class are not appearing in the seating chart. (Usually recently added to class.)
I can't see the student's photos in the seating chart.   How do I set up a new assignment in gradebook?

How can I drop students from my gradebook?

  Are all assignments cumulative for the semester?
Can I create my own grading scale?   How can I edit my seating chart?
How do I see student notifications?


  Can I transfer a student's grades from one period to another in my gradebook?
3-29-2017- Students Missing from my seating chart?   How do I do my poor progress grades? (Secondary Teachers)

How do I enter grades for SECONDARY school report cards?

  How do I turn on student notifications and see health conditions?



Browsers: Windows 10: Internet Explorer, Version 11.0 and above, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  (Back to FAQ's List) , x. 

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Check for Pop-Up Blocker:  The browser will show a red x on the upper right corner of the log-on screen. Click on the red x and select always allow pop--ups from this site.

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Remove Pop-Up Blockers:Open Internet Explorer,

 Click on Tools / Pop-Up Blocker

 Click “Turn off Pop Up Blocker”

Installed toolbars such as Google or Yahoo come with built in Pop-Up Blockers.

 Click on the Pop-Up Blocker button to disable. The Google toolbar should be uninstalled from the browser if used on a District computer.

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TO PRINT FROM SYNERGY:  SYNERGY documents/reports are saved as .PDF’s. This requires Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer. If you don’t have this free program installed, visit this site for download information:



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Access Synergy from home by typing in the link given at training or go to the District's web page, under Staff Tools > Synergy.


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Add a new assignment in Gradebook:  Click on Gradebook. After getting on Gradebook, click on the Gradebook menu > Add assignment from the top of the page.Click here to view the add-assignment info. Please note on the TeacherVue the Blue ? for how-to videos and documentation.

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Drop Students from Gradebook:  Students are dropped (inactivated) by the front office staff. Gradebook Sync is run nightly to update and remove the dropped students from the gradebook. You can choose under filter options show or NOT show inactive students..

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Grading Cumulative:  When creating the assignments, be sure to check the Grading Period tab and select the grading period(s) the grade should be included (number of trimester, number of quarter or semester).

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Change Grading Scale:  Click here for step-by-step on how to create final grading scale OR

1.Click Final Grade Config.

2.Manage Final Grade Calculations

3.Duplicate Genesis Grading

4.Edit and name your grading

5.Navigate back to “Final Grade Config” and select your grading scale under Final Grade Defaults tab







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Add Columns/Rows to Seating Chartt:  Click on Edit at the top of the seating chart. To the right under "Seating Chart Dimensions," drag the scroll to add more rows or columns. Click Save at the top of the Seating Chart..


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Notifications:  Click on the Edit at the top of the seating chart. Scroll to the right under "Seating chart Configuration" and put a check mark in "Show Nofiications." Click Save at the top of the seating chart.




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Transfer Scores:  When a student has moved from one of your class periods to another of your class periods, you can transfer the student's grades.

Click on Gradebook > Transfer scores. Select the class to copy from and the class to copy to. Select from the student dropdown, the student's name to transfer. Click on "Copy Student Scores."

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At the top of Grade Book, click Filters and Options:  Put a check mark in "Show Dropped Students"

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Click here for Keyboard shortcuts in pdf format.


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Students are not appearing in the seating chart.

Click on Edit at the top of the seating chart.

1.  Scroll to the right and down.

2.  Go to Unassigned Students area and select the way you wish to add the students (alpha, etc.)

3.  Click on Save.


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Click on Edit at the top of the seating chart. Scroll to the right under "Seating Chart Configuration" and put a check mark in "Show Student Photos". Click Save at the top of the seating chart.





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Poor Progress:  Instructions for Secondary Teachers to do Poor Progress Grades 












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Printing Labels:  Go to Label Setup:

1. Select Avery 5160 label.

2. Do not change the label settings (margins, etc.)

3. Put check mark in Scale Fields.

4. Put Font size to 10.

5. After the label runs, to make sure they print with the correct alignment: 

After clicking the Print button, be sure to set these values in the PDF reader under Page Handling:

1. "Page Scale" should be set to "None" (Or Size Options should be set to ACTUAL SIZE)

2. "Auto-Rotate and Center" should be unchecked (Orientation set to PORTRAIT)

Failure to have these values set properly may result in misaligned labels.

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View Students in Seating Chart:  No more open seats for students - Click Here


Report Cards:  Click Here for instructions for Secondary Teachers to enter report card grades.