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John Roach

John Roach

Lead Academic Technology Agent

Assessment, Research, Data Analysis and Education Technology

(909) 820-7700, ext: 2332

John Roach


Thank you for taking time to stop by my little corner of the web here in Rialto Unified School District.

As a member of the Educational Services division, I am excited to have the opportunity to explore the use of Education Technology and I intend to share my learning within these pages. Technology is all around us and infused into almost every aspect of our daily lives. Students come to school with varied experiences working with technology and yet all need the same skills to be academically successful. With so may devices, programs, and applications is it vital the we continue to plan for rich learning opportunities in the classroom to prepare students for the workplace of the 21st Century. The implementation of the Common Core State Standards expects that technology is integrated in to all of the other core content areas and is no longer something extra. Technology is the tool for students to use to think critically, be creative, collaborate with their peers, and communicate with the world around them.

Contact John Roach  John Roach (909) 820-7700 ex: 2332 Lead Academic Technology Agent

Please feel free to contact me directly if I can assist in any way in the use of Assessment, Research, Data Analysis and Education Technology.  You can also add me to your #EdTech Professional Learning Network by using the link below: