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Early Education (Preschool)

State Preschool Sites

Bemis Elementary 

Teacher: Suzanne Reyes


Boyd Elementary 

Teacher: Sonya Duran


Casey Elementary 

Teacher: Mayra Mares


Curtis Elementary 

Teacher: Mary Alice Smith


Dollahan Elementay

Teacher: Catalina Robles


Dunn Elementary #1

Teacher: Barbara Cervantez


Garcia Elementary 

Teacher: Adriana Gaitan-Alvarez


Kelley Elementary 

Teacher: Griselda Uribe


Morgan Elementary 

Teacher: Mary Navas


Morris Elementary

Teacher: Esmeralda Palacios


Myers Elementary

Teacher: Danya Sanders-Hester


Preston Elementary #3

Teacher: Marcella Castrejon


Rocking Horse #1

Teacher: Rosemarie Devitta


Simpson Elementary 

Teacher: Cynthia Monk


Trapp Elementary 

Teacher: Michele Lizarraga


Werner Elementary 

Teacher: Leticia Macias

RUSD Preschool Sites

Dunn #2 

Teacher: Linda Hurst


Henry Elementary 

Teacher: Irma R. Celaya


Kordyak Elementary

Teacher: Lyubov Chernyshova


Preston Elementary #1

Teacher: Rosario Centty


Preston Elementary #2

Teacher: Anowara Shahjahan


Rocking Horse #2

Teacher: Erika Sedano


Registration for the new 2020/2021 school year has begun.
Packets may be picked up from the Registration Center office. 
Priority is given to 4-year-old children (who turn 4 on or before December 1, 2020). Those born between September 2, 2015 and December 2, 2015 are of Transitional Kindergarten age and do NOT qualify for Rialto USD Preschool. Please call our office at (909) 873-4300 with any questions.


However, preschool registrations for the 2020-2021 school year will continue on April 27th.

You may print out a preschool registration packet (click here for English, click here for Spanish), fill out completely, attach all required documents, and submit using one of the following methods:

  • Fax: 909-873-4301
  • Email:
    (add student's name on the subject line)
  • Starting April 27th, you may pick up and drop off packets at the Registration Center, Monday-Friday from 12pm-3pm at
    260 S. Willow Ave., Rialto, CA 92376

Early Education Mission Statement

The Rialto Unified School District Early Education Program provides developmentally appropriate, high quality early education services to children and families in safe, nurturing environments that will promote the well-being of the whole child and prepare each child for success in transitional kindergarten or kindergarten.


Program Philosophy

Rialto State Preschool is an important building block for each child’s successful journey through school. Optimum growth for a child evolves from positive, supportive, responsive, and individualized relationships with adults and other children. Self-esteem, social competence, and intellectual growth blossom in an environment of immersion in developmentally appropriate activities and materials that guide the child to be actively involved in discovery learning. Guidance techniques must be positive and accompanied by rational explanations of expectations. Parent involvement in providing a positive, supportive, responsive home environment that also promotes positive self-esteem and confidence is critical for a child to grow into a successful person. Our Preschool staff is trained in early childhood growth and development and skilled at teaching young children. Rialto State Preschools believed in the dignity of each person, child and adult. Each person associated with the Rialto Preschool Program shall be treated with respect and dignity at all times. Rialto State Preschool Program shall provide a safe, healthful and comfortable learning environment. (Title 5, Section 18273)


Preschool Goals and Objectives

The major goals for preschool are to develop oral language skills, group socialization skills, and academic readiness skill. Preschool children learn to make choices and be responsible for their actions in the classroom. They develop creativity through playing with blocks, painting, collage, dramatic play, cut and paste and clay. They develop their academic readiness skills through mathematic manipulatives, puzzles, identifying patterns, differentiating between sounds, and awareness of how print works; they learn critical thinking skills through problem solving activities. 

Early Education Site Pictures

early education

Contact Information

Early Education Office
815 South Willow Avenue
Rialto, CA 92376
(909) 421-4201

Karen M. Good
Early Education Agent                    

Alexis Bogarin

Maria Knight
Secretary III
Ext. 1152

Lil Miramontes
Account Clerk III
Ext. 1153

Ana Navarro
Clerk Typist III
Ext. 1157

Registration Center
260 South Willow Avenue
Rialto, CA 92376
(909) 873-4300

Marcela Tamayo
Attendance/Records Clerk
Ext. 2202

Sandra Lozano
Clerk Typist II
Ext. 2207

Diana Douglas
Clerk Typist III
Ext. 2212

Liz Robles
Clerk Typist III
Ext. 2205

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