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Personnel Services

For General Information related to Personnel Services, please call:

(909) 820-7700, extension 2400

Rhea McIver Gibbs
Lead Personnel Agent
Personnel Services

Ext. 2401

Rhonda Kramer
Lead Personnel Agent
Personnel Services

Ext. 2431



Martha Degortari, Administrative Secretary II

Ext. 2401

America Nieto, Administrative Secretary I

Ext. 2431


Tracy Coffee, Credential Analyst

Ext. 2409

Robin Welker, Credential Analyst

Ext. 2414

Alma Gutierrez, Personnel Technician

Ext. 2424

Nubia Sotelo, Personnel Technician

Ext. 2416

Hannia Rodriguez, Personnel Technician

(Certificated Sub-Desk)

Ext. 2415

Wendy Gavini, Personnel Technician

Ext. 2403

Yolanda Salinas, Personnel Technician

Ext. 2423

Nazira Villegas, Personnel Technician

Ext. 2421

Wanda Wimberly, Personnel Technician

Ext. 2420

Ricardo Carranza, Personnel Technician

(Classified Sub Desk)


Alma Garibay, Clerk Typist II  

Ext. 2400