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Instructional Program


Instructional Delivery


Through a differentiated curriculum, students are taught the State standards and core curriculum while optimizing their levels of learning.

 Differentiation K-12
Depth – Students are given opportunities to delve deeper into a subject by moving from the concrete to the abstract.  By utilizing the dimensions of depth, language of the discipline, details, patterns, trends, unanswered questions, ethics, rules, structures, and big ideas, students are given a deeper learning experience. 

Complexity – Through the dimensions of complexity, students are able to make relationships over time and interdisciplinary relationships, as well as see situations from different points of view.

Acceleration – Students are allowed to accelerate through the subject matter at a pace that takes into account their ability to grasp and understand material.

Novelty – Students are given opportunities to share their knowledge and understanding in a manner that reflects their creativity, interest and personality.    

Advanced Studies Program - High Schools
Honors classes are available at the 9th and 10th grades for all gifted students in the areas of English/Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science.  These classes are designed to prepare students for the rigor of Advanced Placement (AP) studies.   Students are encouraged to participate in at least one Honors class.
Advanced Placement (AP) is a cooperative program that exists among secondary schools, colleges, and the College Board.  Students successfully passing the AP exam will be given college credit by most colleges.  Rialto Unified School District offers forty (40) AP classes at its comprehensive high schools.  Low income students may petition for a fee reduction to take the AP exams.

Concurrent Enrollment in high school and/or college is in the planning stages.  Concurrent enrollment will provide early admission of students into college while completing their high school graduation requirements.  Successful completion of the program will award a student a high school diploma and an Associate Degree from a community college.
A Mentor Program is being developed with the local colleges and community members for highly intellectual students who qualify.  



Program Grouping

Gifted students are to learn at their developmental level, thus they must encounter a variety of experiences and opportunities that challenge their abilities at all levels of learning. As a result, our GATE students are carefully scheduled into flexible groups called clusters, especially at the elementary schools.  Cluster classrooms ensure maximum learning opportunities while providing greater peer interactions.  Clusters consist of a range of 7 or more identified GATE students in a regular classroom setting.  Recent research supports the use of clusters as an effective program strategy to implement differentiation for GATE students.  The District will implement the following models:

  • Model 1: Team Clusters consist of two or more teachers working as a team with flexible grouping strategies in core subjects when necessary. 
  • Model 2: Full-time Clusters exist only at the elementary school for full day placement.   
  • Model 3: Part-time Clusters consist of period clusters at the middle and high schools.  Students are enrolled in class periods designated as GATE, Honors or Advanced Placement (AP). 
  • Model 4: Special Day Classes are classes/periods in that the identified GATE population exceeds 80% of the total population. These classes will carry the GATE designation.  

The GATE Program will focus on accelerating students in the area(s) of their giftedness while providing for skill attainment.  It is important that GATE students interact with their mental peers.  Their peers are the catalysts that provide stimulating learning opportunities and a realistic view of excellence. 

GATE students in the secondary program may enroll in all four core subject areas such as Math, Science, English/Language Arts and Social Studies.  It is important for gifted students to enroll in at least one of the GATE, Honors or AP classes to develop the intellectual rigor that will be necessary for a successful college career.