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Guiding Principles


+++++++++++++++++Goal and Philosophy

Rialto Unified School District is committed to providing every student with valuable educational opportunities from qualified educators.  We believe that gifted students should be educated in an environment that supports their unique needs.  We believe that gifted students must be provided a rich and stimulating educational environment so that their learning potential is maximized and their abilities are challenged at all levels.

Gifted students should be able to make the most of their learning through thought-provoking discussions in which the views of others are exchanged and respected. As a result, they will begin to value their own opinion, acknowledge their self-worth and develop their self-awareness as contributors to a greater society.  Consequently, we believe that they will be inspired to dream and that we have provided a solid foundation upon which their dreams can become realities.




California State Legislation declares that “it is in the interest of the public to support unique opportunities” for students who are identified as gifted and talented.  Recent research has determined several components that will maximize the learning potential of a gifted student.  Rialto Unified School District is committed to providing an educational environment that models the scientific research and the State’s findings.  A model program consists of the following:


  1. Differentiated opportunities for learning

  2. Alternative learning environment which contributes to acquiring skills and understanding at advanced and creative levels

  3. Elements that help develop sensitivity and responsibility to others

  4. Components that develop a commitment  to constructive ethical standards

  5. Assistance in developing self-generating problem solving abilities that expands  awareness of individual contributions

  6. Elements to aid in developing realistic, healthy self-concepts


Learning Environment

Instructional Program